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I Know Why You're Sick and It Isn't What the Doctors are Telling You!

"Former Chronic Candida, Adrenal Fatigue & IBS Sufferer explains how he cheated death, healed himself of ALL Disease and how ANYONE can do it too in just 5 Safe, Natural & Easy Steps!"

“Give Me under 10 Minutes and I'll Explain How I Found Out the ONLY Proven Way to Eliminate Candida and Other Harmful Infections... ”

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Don't let these chronic infections continue to wreck havoc on your life! I've discovered fool-proof way to get healthy and STAY healthy without the use of processed and oftentimes toxic "medications" that you may be taking right now. This step-by-step plan will guide you down the path of True Health. No matter how you're feeling today, tomorrow can be better!



RE: Your New Healthy Life

From: Ryan Shea
Author: "How to Cure Candida"



Dear Health-Conscious Friend,

You CAN get better: I know this may be difficult to believe, especially if you've been sick for a long time. Good health is such a basic thing, one that people take for granted until they don’t have it. About 7 years ago, my health was the worst of anyone’s I knew, and like you I was desperate for answers.

I had never been the healthiest person out there, but my health really took a nosedive the last two years of college. It was the absolute worst timing. Just when I needed to be able to focus and make the grade, I was having so many health problems that I was constantly teetering on the edge of a total burnout.

Between repeated bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis, fatigue, restlessness and total “brain fog” that zapped my concentration… I was completely miserable, day in and day out. On top of all that, there were the skin issues. Red, itchy rashes would appear all over my body, especially on my forehead, hands and chest/abdomen.

I felt horrible all the time and antibiotics the doctors would prescribe over and over would only help for a little while before the symptoms came rushing back. If it wasn’t antibiotics, it would be some synthetic drug and it would either not help at all, or I’d have an allergic reaction that made me feel even worse!

My grades suffered. I mean, how could I even try to focus on my classes when just breathing was a chore most days? I did the best I could, but it was a struggle and there were plenty of times that I had to drag myself into exams while feeling so horrible that I could barely make it from one class to the next. It wasn’t that I couldn’t learn or didn’t know how to do the work, it was that I was just too sick to function! I could not process the information because I was too spaced out. At times I didn't even know where I was. 

Somehow I still managed to get good enough grades to pass, though looking back I’m amazed that I was able to drag myself to classes like that, and even more amazed that some of my teachers and classmates put up with my constant illnesses (I was *not* a favorite partner for group projects).

When graduation time finally rolled around, I was excited at first, but sure enough I came down with a case of bronchitis a few days before the ceremony. By the time the actual date of the ceremony arrived, I was feeling horrible yet again. I almost didn’t go, but my parents had invited relatives from out of town and everyone wanted to be there for my big day and to see me march. So, despite the fact that I was feeling worse and worse, I made myself get dressed and go take my place with the other honorees.

It was the worst day of my life. The graduation hall was too hot and I was coughing almost from the start of the ceremony. Now if you’ve ever had or heard someone with bronchitis, you know what an awful, nasty wet-sounding cough that is.

And there I was right in the middle of the entire graduating class, in front of hundreds of other people, coughing so loudly that the speaker had to stop talking until there was a pause in the noise! It went on for 2 or 3 hours, and by the end of it I was feeling like I was going to faint. Everyone else was celebrating and savoring the day, while all I wanted was to go home and crawl in bed ( to put it lightly).

I had never been so humiliated in all my life. And what’s worse, I couldn’t shake the idea that this was the kind of life I was going to have (how could I hope to get a job if I couldn’t even make it through a graduation ceremony?!) and nothing could change that. I was absolutely sick of being sick and at that point I decided I didn’t want to live anymore because if this suffering was all I had to look forward to in my life then it wasn’t worth living.

My parents had offered to drive me to the graduation ceremony because I was too sick to go by myself and on the way back I was literally shaking with the effort to hold in the tears. It wasn’t fair. I had to be able to do something…

It was on that day that my perspective was forever changed and I developed a burning passion to get healthy no matter what! In fact NOTHING ELSE mattered to me anymore.

I was DONE with being Sick and Suffering! I was ready to stop at nothing until I not only had all the answers but felt 100% better! I told my mom that I wanted to go and see a Naturopath right then. She'd mentioned it before, but I always thought that if the doctors couldn't do much, and the homeopathy wasn't working, why spend even more money for what would probably be the same answers? But this time, I decided there was no going home to wallow in misery, and no more phoning in yet another prescription from the pharmacy. I wanted answers, and I wanted real relief.

You Can Lead a Happier, Healthier Life No Matter How Sick You've Been in the Past...

Fast-forward to today: I am the absolute healthiest I’ve ever felt. In fact, I’ve seen so much improvement in my condition that I can safely say that I’m CURED of my chronic health issues. No more bronchitis, no more pneumonia, no more skin rashes and fatigue and definitely no more “brain fog”! In short, I live the life that I’ve always dreamed about. The best thing is that if this program worked for me, it can work for ANYONE! That means that no matter how bad you feel right now, you can and will feel 100% better after using my program.

Imagine being able to get up in the morning feeling refreshed and rested, instead of tired and miserable. Imagine being able to get through the day without continual aches, pains, coughing and frustration. Can you imagine what being totally and completely healthy feels like? What would you do if you were no longer being held back by your health? Get a new job? Go back to school? Take up a great new hobby?

You can and will be able to do any or all of those things after going through the steps in my program. You’ll be able to get rid of not only the physical symptoms, but you’ll be able to STOP them from coming back. As for the trouble concentrating? That will vanish too! You won’t have any problems focusing on your daily life and what’s important to YOU instead of being limited by what your health allows you to do right now.

Now I have to be honest: it wasn’t easy getting myself to this point. Visiting the Naturopath was the first step. This Naturopath in particular was apparently so well respected in fact that he was flown out to treat royal family members in Saudi Arabia. I hoped to finally get some answers on that visit and although I didn’t get a full explanation, I wasn’t disappointed.

The Naturopath went through a series of examinations, and I had my diagnosis the very same day:

“You have Candida!”

“What?” I’d never heard of Candida, and I was amazed that he’d come to this diagnosis so quickly.

“It’s a fungus, it’s why you’re in so much pain”

It was true, I WAS in a lot of pain at that point, and I couldn’t stop myself from flinching and saying “Ouch!” when he pressed the side of my abdomen.

The Naturopath went on to explain that the “brain fog” the congestion, my weak immune system, all of it was directly related to this Candida fungus infection. I wanted to know about my options for curing it, and he laid out some very important points for me to begin with.

  • I needed to change my diet. This wasn’t so bad, as there were already several foods on his “forbidden” list that I was avoiding because they made me feel horrible.
  • I needed to take a LOT of different supplements and homeopathic remedies to give my body a fighting chance. Now, I’d taken some supplements in the past, but these were different, and I was willing to give it a chance, as nothing else was working for me.

I left his office with a pile of supplements, some basic information and a lot of questions. My main concern at that time was the cost: I’d just spent over $650 for the visit and the first round of supplements! I really hoped this Candida would go away fast, because it looked like it was going to be a long, expensive recovery.

Three months and almost $3000 later, at a follow-up exam, the Naturopath wanted to perform an assessment:

“So how much better would you say you feel now?” he asked me.

I told him that I was feeling much better, my bronchitis had gone away and some of my other symptoms had faded a bit. I figured I felt about 25% better.

He was absolutely shocked. At that time, he’d never had a patient who hadn’t recovered at least 80-100% on his program. He asked a few more questions, and I replied to them all, and he had to agree with my initial assessment. Even though I was feeling a lot better, I knew that this was nowhere near the perfect health that I deserved and desired so deeply.

From there, the Naturopath sent me to a homeopath to get additional help. Unfortunately, it was a dead end. I’d already worked with homeopathy in the past, and it wasn’t long before the homeopath turned me away because she didn’t feel she could do anything for me since I seemed to know enough about treating my condition with homeopathy that I could just do it myself. According to her it was more like speaking to a colleague than a patient.

So I was back with the Naturopath and finally out of frustration he decided that there wasn’t anything more he could do for me. He offered expensive blood work which would cost another $2000 but I simply couldn’t afford it. I thanked him for his efforts and for what he taught me and moved on.

The very next thing I did was begin to buy every book I could find on the topic of Candida. I read through all of them, I also read all the guides on diet, allergies, inflammation, toxicity in our environment and food and anything else I could to get a better idea of why I still suffered from symptoms. I started to do some more cleanses that I had read about, some worked, some didn’t. I made a note of what helped and kept looking for more options.

I spent about eight months studying intensely and learning as much as I could on my own. About that time I found a job opening at health food store while I was out shopping for my supplements and it seemed right up my alley. What better place to learn even more about supplements and natural healing than in a health food store?

I went right to the manager to submit my application and he so impressed with my knowledge that I was hired on the spot. I later found out that my knowledge is the sole reason that I got hired because as far as health goes, my boss and his wife thought that I looked like the walking dead. I thought that was pretty sad because as far as I was concerned that was the healthiest I've looked in my entire life up to that point.

I spent another three years working at the health food store, reading and study about all the thousands of different supplements and herbs that we carried, in addition to all the possible health conditions people could suffer from and what alternative treatments worked.

I also researched everything I could online. I bought guides and browsed through the natural health forums for hours literally every night after work for years. During all this I continued to keep my notes, keeping track of what worked for me and the things that absolutely did not.

During those three years my health improved so much that people found it difficult to believe that I had ever had health problems to begin with. I had collected piles of information, when suddenly it all clicked for me:

I finally discovered EXACTLY what the root cause of all my sickness was. I can sum up what I found in this statement: it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to cure Candida or any chronic infection by focusing only on eliminating the symptoms in the body.

The truth is, even with a firm diagnosis of Candida infection if you try to cheat using ineffective methods (which is about 70% of the methods out there) you'll only make matters worse! That's right, if you treat Candida using the leading conventional methods out there right now (ie. Drug based treatments) your Candida Infection will only become Worse.

What is actually making you sick are those HIDDEN problems that do not necessarily manifest symptoms that you can diagnose and treat. You have to get to the root cause of the problems you're experiencing in order to be able to make a complete recovery. The incredible thing is that modern medicine doesn’t even acknowledge these health factors or Root health problems, yet 99% of the population will suffer from them to varying degrees!

Once I began focusing entirely upon treating these group causes instead of focusing on the Candida infection alone, my body began recovering very quickly. I saw a drastic improvement in my health beyond anything I had ever tried, and the existing treatments that I was using to eliminate Candida became all the more effective.

I went through all my notebooks, guides, programs, anything and everything that I had researched, developed or learned for the past three years and compiled it into a huge guide full of detailed answers and information. With the help of my friends and colleagues Dean and Jessica who are also trained & certified holistic nutritionists and alternative health practitioners they helped to realize the creation of our incredible natural health guide How to Cure Candida.

After fitting the missing puzzle pieces together we co-created a system that other people could use when treating their chronic illnesses. We kept it simple while very comprehensive and open ended, because there are a lot of different things that people can use to treat their illnesses but only a few major things tend to be successful for a broad range of root causes. More importantly we understand that no 2 people are alike and may require different treatment methods, hence why we provide all your best treatment options. I let a few people try my system and remarkably one by one they all started to eliminate their health problems and feel better again.

However if you knew what the system really did then you’d understand why all these supposed “Miracle Healings” aren’t really all that Miraculous after-all, but perfectly normal, natural and expected results you receive.

Perhaps the absolute best thing about our program is that the most important steps are in fact some of the most inexpensive, easy and effective things that you could do to treat the root causes of your health problems. They're just completely unknown to 99% of the population because people are focusing entirely on the wrong things when it comes to treating their chronic illnesses, ESPECIALLY Candida!

Can you imagine having 35% to 68% fewer symptoms in only two weeks from now? Those are the kinds of results that you can expect to see with this program. I have literally taken all my years of thousands of hours of research and put it into this guide that anyone can use to treat and HEAL their chronic illnesses, regardless whether it’s even Candida!

Best of all you won’t just feel normal, you will feel AMAZING when you use this guide. And it doesn't take months, or years to see results. For most 2 weeks or less is all it takes to begin to see & experience tremendous relief once on the program.

Take Advantage of PROVEN Research and Get REAL Results...

I've put in the time and the research to make this guide to the best it can possibly be. You won’t have to go through stacks and stacks of journals and research reports in order to find out what really works because I've already done that for you. There is literally no one else out there who has put in as much time and effort as I have in putting together this guide. It's personal to me, because it was my health that was on the line as well when I started out. Now I just want to help as many people as possible to feel better and to end the cycle of recurrent infections and illness.

One of the main principles in play in this guide is the domino effect. In essence this is the core to how this program works. You will begin to make changes affecting multiple levels and systems in the body. As you start making these changes, they will have a profound effect on your body's chemistry and will trigger additional changes that ultimately benefit your health. As your body begins to change rapidly, you'll continue to see changes in your health and improvement will start to occur automatically.

For Example: Our Liver Flush not only clears out waste from the liver that prevents proper healing but it also allows for increased bile flow, bile being your bodies natural defense against fungal infections of the digestive system, ie. Candida. As a result you will detox while also unleashing your bodies innate anti-fungal system. This is but one of many examples.

Treatments that may have only been marginally effective before will suddenly be dramatically more helpful to you, because they’re finally given the chance to work as intended! This is the domino effect in practice: you effectively jumpstart your bodies own natural healing properties and processes and as a result you'll begin to maintain proper health all on your own without the need of anything else.

Sadly though
most people never get to this point as they give up having only taken a few steps in the right direction, or tried only a few mediocre natural treatments assuming that was all there was.

Answer the Following:

How much do you want to feel better?

Are you willing to change your diet if needed?

Are you willing to try some NEW things you haven’t tried before?

What if these things were strange, unusual and not even very well-known? Would you still do them knowing they would cure you 100%?

If you can answer YES to these very basic questions, then my guide on how to cure Candida will work for you! And here’s the BEST news of all: it actually doesn’t matter IF Candida is the cause for all your symptoms, because what I’m going to share with you heals all your health problems no matter what! So no matter what health problems you’re suffering from, this guide will show you exactly what you need to do in order to get well and STAY HEALTHY!

Remember when I said that you can actually make your Candida problem worse if you don't follow the right treatment programs? Well there are two things that you absolutely have to do if you are on any kind of Candida treatment program. Without these two things you are definitely making the problem worse even if you see initial improvement! At the very least your treatment will be far less effective and you will suffer much more from die off symptoms as a result. In fact, ANY antifungal treatment program requires these two steps in order to be fully effective and to prevent doing more damage to your health than if you were to do nothing at all.

I have to provide this Very Important Warning regarding Candida cleansing, even if you don't decide to buy my guide. I'm doing this because I want to be sure that people out there who are using these other programs are getting the complete picture. Keep in mind there are still MANY other things you need to be doing, however these are 2 that are still often overlooked.

The Two Things that you MUST do are:

#1 – Thorough Bowel Cleanse: Doing a Colon/Bowel (they’re both the same) cleanse is a crucial step in being able to properly and safely detoxify Candida from the body. More importantly is doing it CORRECTLY and EFFECTIVELY so that you also eliminate Candida at the same time!

You see if you try to rapidly cleanse Candida without first cleansing the bowels what happens is that you cause something called auto-intoxication. You see all that dead Candida that you kill gets re-absorbed into the body and can actually feed your existing infection in addition to overloading your liver with toxins.

More importantly you need to understand that there are specific fiber blends and mixtures that are what you need to be using to ensure Candida is properly removed from the intestinal wall and taken out of the body entirely!

#2 – Sweating: Equally if not more important is sweating, if you aren’t sweating during a Candida program or any detox program for that matter you’re in serious trouble, as much as 40% of all your detoxification occurs through your skin.

Exercise is one way but not the best: in fact your best option is to use an infra-red sauna. You can find portable ones online for quite low prices which we highly recommend while on our program. Alternatively you can also take hot baths where you heat up the water to the point that it’s quite hot and that it causes you to sweat. You remain in for 30-50 minutes at a time. Use of a sauna is preferable as it will detoxify far more, without having to breathe any chlorine and it will penetrate MUCH deeper.

In my guide, How to Cure Candida, you'll find complete information on how to treat your infection and get real relief. You won't have to worry about potentially harming your health because you don't have all the information that you need. I provide full details, step-by-step, so that you know precisely what you should be doing and just as importantly what you should NOT be doing. This guide contains a wealth of information that can help anyone cure any kind of chronic illness.

In this way it doesn’t matter IF you have or think you have Candida, this Guide WILL make YOU Healthy again!

This is THE Only Guide to Candida that You Will Ever Need...

How to Cure Candida

This program was designed to handle even the most difficult and severe Candida infections!

If you have been suffering from: Fatigue, Memory Problems, Shortness of Breath, Mood Swings, Gas and Bloating, Itching and Burning, Sinus Pressure and Congestion, Constant Colds, Severe Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Chronic Digestive Disorders, Severe Aches and Pains or any of the other Symptoms Chronic Candida can cause, this guide WILL HELP!

Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn in the book:

Fully detailed supplements that have been proven through testing to resolve Candida. (You may be Surprised what works BEST!)

Find out what the one toxin causes as much as 80% of ALL CANDIDA SYMPTOMS and what you can do to eliminate it directly!

All the hidden factors that Cause Candida are EXPOSED, ADDRESSED AND TREATED!

Find Out about the Most POWERFUL Natural Cleanse YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT. Capable of Eliminating Allergies, Eczema, Asthma and MUCH MORE PERMANENTLY!

An EASY to Make Shake that Can reduce Candida Symptoms by over 50% in just 15 Days!

Find out how to Address and TREAT (AF) Adrenal Fatigue in just 5 Minutes.

THE 5 STEP PROTOCOL which has been in development for over 3 years which we cannot stress enough will CURE ANYONE WHO HAS CANDIDA for ANY REASON… FOR LIFE!

Steps that ANYONE who has Candida MUST TAKE in order to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE CANDIDA for LIFE. The first couple of Steps may seems familiar but from there things soon become quite different!

The TOP 7 MUST HAVE Supplements a Yeast Infection Sufferer should NEVER be without!

The TOP 8 Direct #1 Natural Therapies for Yeast Infections.

How to Adjust your Treatment based on your Symptoms.

The TOP 8 Homeopathic Remedies used by Professionals to Treat Yeast Infections, and how to know which one to use!

The 15 Reasons you should NEVER Drink Caffeine AGAIN!

I Guide you by the hand in Layman’s terms so that you can go from novice to expert on eliminating Yeast Infections in under 1 Hour!

The Exact TIMING of when to take different types of Supplements!

5 Ways to Test for Candida and which is the BEST!

The Factors that Make you Genetically MORE LIKELY to Have Candida Related Problems!

What toxic chemicals are in over 95% of Soaps and Shampoos that you should NEVER USE!


This is only a small fraction of the information available in my comprehensive guide on How to Cure Candida, and it's yours for an incredibly low price if you act now!

Just Imagine!  With the" How to Cure Candida" Program You Will...

Have Complete and Immediate Relief from Localized and Chronic Yeast Infections/Candida for Life!

No Longer Feel Lost, Alone & Confused about what you're suffering from, and what do to about it.

Feel rest assured that you Finally found an Easy, Safe & Effective Solution for your Health Condition!

Eliminate the Core Cause for your Candida/Yeast Infection and ALL your other Health Problems! (some that are unexplainable).

You will laugh at the Doctors who said there was nothing wrong!

Feel 250% MORE Energy than before!

Feel ALIVE by enjoying Life and experiencing the Health you deserve to have!

Experience Crystal Clear Thinking by Clearing Brain Fog For Good!

Stop having to live your life based off your health.

Stop having to waste time looking for answers, think of the time ALONE that you will save by have our guide! (Our guide has MORE answers than any other one available!)

Become up to 100% Allergy Free - Including Freedom from Eczema, Sinus Congestion, Asthma and MORE!

Learn the 1 simple cleanse you can do which can eliminate ALL your allergies for good!

Learn all the Top Alternative Therapies that not only prevent but Destroy Cancer and all Disease in the body!

Never again will you be confused about what to use or do (EVER!)

Save Hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars by knowing what NOT to do!

Start feeling immediately better by following our suggestions, protocols and recommendations!


Now Think about How Life Will Be without the "How to Cure Candida" Program

Continue to feel worse as the infection spreads and goes deeper.

Continue feeling miserable and unhappy with life due to having to put up with unnecessary symptoms.

Continue to waste your time and money on solutions that either don't work or cost $1000s of Dollars! Often only to still be left without a real solution!

Continue to have life pass you by while you wait for it to just go away on its own (I assure you it won't!)

Continue feeling confused and lost as to how to help yourself!

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to begin your journey of healing your body at its core! The longer you wait the longer you allow yourself to needlessly suffer! The solution is so simple, you just need to take the first step!

Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!


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While I know the benefits of this program first hand, I can understand how you'd be skeptical. Many people are until they try the program and see for themselves just how powerful these treatment techniques are. I encourage you to order this program for yourself and see just how much of a difference it can make in your health...

You Could Be One of THOUSANDS Who Have Already Cured Candida FOR GOOD!

"How to Cure Candida is by far the most comprehensive and effective program that I've come across..."

Expert Review!!

How to Cure Candida is by far the most comprehensive and effective program that I've come across regarding battling Candida. As a holistic nutrition myself, I really enjoy the "natural" recommendations that Dean, Ryan & Jessica make throughout their work.

It is the same Candida-killing advice I give to my own clients and the results are truly incredible. If you're ready to put your Candida overgrowth, excessive gas, bloating, stomach pains, and so much more behind you, then you should definitely read this ebook! 5 Stars!

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy

Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"They were going to cut out my colon!"

I suffer from a condition known as Ulcerative Colitis and after about 6 years on steroids for it, it got so bad that the doctors said the only option I had left was surgery, meaning they were going to cut out a chunk of my intestines and my intuition just told me that it was wrong and only going to make matters worse contrary to what all the doctors would try to have me believe.

I was at a point where I had to decide what to do next and I was desperate. After some research on alternative approaches and trying to find solutions I came across eliminating Candida, from there on I found your site where I figured a 2nd opinion couldn’t hurt.

Well after talking to Ryan over email just a few times and taking his advice I made more improvements in my condition than I had with the doctors in the past 7 years! This was all within 2 weeks time as well.

Not only that but he actually had me realize it was the steroids themselves which had been causing all the other symptoms I had been experiencing and that my diet itself was a major culprit.

Between making these changes as well as taking some specific supplements that he recommended I saw drastic improvement.

In fact as a result I didn’t need the surgery and I’m still improving every day. Between the recommendations Ryan makes and the detox program in the guide I feel like I’m finally getting better! I can’t thank you enough and only wish I had found you sooner!

Tammy H,
Richmond, Virginia,


Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"85% symptom free"

...The guide lifted the wool from over my eyes and allowed me to see another side to healing that I didn't even know existed and I absolutely hate it! To be clear it isn’t the guide, I love it!

I hate the fact that it made me realize how many years I've wasted on my useless doctor and just suffered because I listened to his nonsense advice. Had I made these changes and done all of these things years ago I wouldn't' have had to suffer for so long from these Chronic Infections.

On a much more positive note though I'm already about 85% symptom free now (which is MUCH more than anyone else has been able to do) I owe you a lot! Thank you!

Liverpool, England


 Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"You saved me $1236.46"

... I also wanted to say that I had no idea about <Removed> being an alternative to buying a regular sauna! I was about to spend over $1400 on a big wooden infra-red sauna to go into my home.

The timing was perfect, I paid about $160 total for my sauna and it’s smaller and easier to use. As a result you saved me $1236.46 total after doing the math.

Considering the amount of other supplements and things you saved me from buying I can easily say purchasing your support was easily the best decision I’ve made in years. I just have a question on how often I should use it, for example if I’m...

Michelle Ayala,
Sacramento, California


Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"This was a BARGAIN, especially compared to what I had been through!"

...I’m laughing looking back at how skeptical I was about buying your services and guide at first. All things considered this was a huge bargain, especially compared to what I had been through!

 Considering how many times I kept going back to the Naturopath and spending $75 a visit for 15 minutes and he kept telling me next time we would do this or that, it was such a waste! Actually after reading your guide I realized there’s probably a lot of therapies he doesn’t even know about.

I was spending close to about $150-$225 per month on consultations alone with virtually no improvement. Granted it was my own fault for continuing to go back, but I thought eventually I would get some answers.

Just the answers you gave me to my questions over email alone was worth more than anything my Naturopath ever did for me! As for the guide it truly was the most helpful guide I’ve read, and I refer to it almost every day now.

I admit I’d heard of some of the things in there before from other books, but the difference was I didn’t realize how important they were to do and how to really do them correctly.

More importantly anytime I had a question about something in there I knew I could just email (and continue to : ) email you guys to get some answers.

However the most important things like the... I had never heard of before and after my first one it made a big change in how I feel overall, my energy is up and my digestion is better than it’s ever been, and that was just from doing one of them! Can’t wait to see the results from doing it another 10 times!

I think anyone who would regret buying your guides and services simply isn’t ready to take responsibility for their health as you put it Ryan : )

Thanks again and talk to you soon!

Kristy Rodale
Denver, Colorado

Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"Long time sufferer finally has answers!"

Hello Ryan. I'm writing in my testimonial on your request for my experience with the guide.

Yours was in fact not the first "Yeast Infection" guide I had bought online, what a waste of money that one was, it was called <REMOVED>, you've probably heard of it because I kept seeing it everywhere so I assumed it MUST be good then, RIGHT? WRONG! Soooo Wrong.

It was only like 50 pages and all they provided were basic treatments I had already read up about online... Oh and although they had "claimed" to also cure Candida all they focused on were these basic vaginal yeast infections treatments.

In fact the bonus yeast infection guide you included for free I found was still more helpful than this other one.

The bottom line though was that I still suffered from other symptoms as well like bloating, itchy skin rashes and concentration issues that the other guide did absolutely nothing for even though they claimed it did!

Well put simply your guide was a welcome breath of fresh air. You guys weren’t kidding about being different, the only thing that I already knew about somewhat in your guide were the vaginal yeast infection treatments although there were still quite a few new ones you guys introduced to me such as <REMOVED> and <REMOVED>.

The most important part of your book were the cleanses, I had no idea about most of them and more importantly had no idea they were needed for my symptoms.

Some were a little strange but thankfully Ryan was great in answering any questions I had as I went along. I’m so happy to say my brain fog is just about entirely gone, probably about 75% there.

My skin doesn’t itch the way it used to and my bloating is absolutely non-existent now.

Terri Whitman,
Calgary, Canada


 Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"Didn’t even know I had Candida"

To be perfectly honest I had no idea if I really even had Candida when I purchased your guide, if it was causing my health problems or much of anything about it.

I just kept finding so much mixed information online that I wasn’t sure of anything, although most of my symptoms seemed to point to Candida so it seemed to be the thing to do something about.

I had never done any cleansing before or tried alternative medicine in my life. The only pills I had ever taken were the drugs my doctor prescribed me.

I found the information in your guide very unusual and there are a lot of things you said which I honestly didn’t believe were true (ie. Parasites being a real cause for 1st world health problems, chemicals in our food).

To be honest I probably would have asked for my money back if I hadn’t decided to actually try the program... and I’m very happy to say I did.

Getting used to the diet was a bit of a challenge as I’m used to eating just about anything I want, however once I made the changes and started on the regime I felt some definite improvements.

I’ve been following your recommendations now for about the last 2 and a half months and my skin rashes have just about gone away entirely and my energy levels are way up from how they used to be.

So I still can’t say I know for a fact I have Candida but whatever it is your program is doing is working.

Ted Wasoski,
Milwaukee, Michigan


Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"One of the best E-books on Candida"

“How to Cure Candida” has to rank as one of the best books on Candida I have ever purchased. I really have to applaud you for creating such an amazing Candida book.

It helps to discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you by making gradual, lifelong changes to reach your current and future goals in battling Candida and is an advocate for living an energized and healthy life in a way that is flexible, easy to read and apply.

This program is one of the most useful Anti-Candida programs I have ever used and definitely a worthwhile investment.

Keep up the great work.

Debbie Tsolerides
Boston, Massachusetts


 Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"My health totally improved over the last 2 months"

I’ve improved so much in the last 2 months using your program, I was wondering if my 14 year old who suffers from many of the same symptoms (itchy eyes, congestion, bloating after eating, skin problems) can also do the entire program as well?

I already have her doing the basic changes with her diet, we switched our shower filter and have her applying coconut oil to her skin daily and her eczema has improved dramatically in a very short time. So I’m very excited to have her do more of the program if possible.

Maggie P
Wellington, New Zealand

 Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"Ryan’s help has been invaluable to me"

Hi guys, I was wondering if there’s a way I can extend your support services? Ryan’s help has been invaluable to me and I want to be sure I can still ask the odd question down the road.

Peter Demidov,


 Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"Ryan helped diagnose me"

I can’t thank you guys enough, without your direction I would never have taken the test for Lyme Disease and known what I was actually suffering from!

John Barlow
Hamden, Connecticut


 Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"Feel mentally and emotionally stronger then ever before"

Since I’ve begun your program the most important change I’ve noticed is that I just feel better overall.

The Doctors has me on anti depressant SSRIs, I thought I was just going crazy! Thankfully now I can say I’m off all the medications and only improving every day thanks to your directions!

My skin doesn’t itch nearly as much, I feel mentally and emotionally stronger than ever before, I feel more stable, if I want to do something I feel like there isn’t a gap anymore between my actions of wanting to do something and just doing it like there used to be if that makes sense.

I would always feel so confused and had terrible depression not realizing it was all being caused by this. Plus my energy level is so good now I can exercise a few times a week without the burnout I used to get.

God Bless,

Rosanne  DeGrossi
New York


Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"Everyone says I look better"

I’ve been following the program for about 6-7 weeks now. I’ve been following the diet for the most part, I admit I have cheated a few times though.

The cleanse has been pretty easy to follow so far, I had a few questions about where to start at first but Ryan clarified it for me. I’m looking forward to doing the <Removed> and seeing the results from it.

The really interesting thing I’ve noticed is that just recently many people I know are saying I look better. Since most people who know me knew I was having some health issues so the progress appears to be showing.

My skin is much clearer and a lot of the red patches have disappeared almost entirely. I’m sleeping a lot better and just feel like I’m actually improving now, where-as before I began the program I felt like every day I was just getting worse and worse. So I’m very glad to have found you guys!

Jackie T
Melbourne, Australia


Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"7 years of IBS, all gone!"

In response to your email about experiences on the program I would like to share my story.

I’ve had constant health problems for the past 12 years of my life, ranging from skin issues, constant yeast infections and endless digestive issues.

It has been an absolute nightmare and has truly caused a great deal of pain in my life. About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with suffering from IBS, although I probably had it for much longer than that as I’ve had digestive pain for as long as I can remember.

In that time I had seen 2 MDs, 1 specialist and 2 Naturopaths. I’ve spent a small fortune in treatments, tests and supplements. I still hadn’t really achieved any real relief, the last Naturopath I had seen diagnosed me with Candida and believed it was something I should focus more attention on.

At the time he put me on a few supplements including a probiotic, I felt a little better but it wasn’t enough to really get excited about.

After some searching I found your guide and figured that if your claims were true that it was exactly what I needed. The diet was similar to what my Naturopath had me on with a few differences.

There were also many supplements though that you recommended which my Naturopath never did. I followed the anti-fungal program for just over 3 months, during which time I did a parasite cleanse, maintained the diet and took just the essential supplements with the few Ryan recommended specifically for IBS.

As a result of all of this and following the majority of your tips and suggestions both in the book and over email I can finally say my IBS is essentially all gone! I’m no longer in pain after I eat like I used to be, I’m digesting MUCH better than I ever have and I don’t have the ridiculous diarrhea anymore either!

My skin is also much better and I haven’t had any odour or itching down below since the 2nd week of the program so overall I would absolutely recommend you guys to anyone I know!

Toronto, Canada

Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"I’ve now been on the program for about 6 weeks now and I only keep improving."

I have IBS at least that’s what my MD labeled it as. The drugs the doctor was prescribing actually made me feel worse. I somehow found out about Candida being a cause of IBS and came across this guide.

I figured after all the money I had spent on the prescriptions I had nothing to lose. To my surprise in less than a week ALL my IBS symptoms had vanished! This was after just making the changes to my diet that the book recommends and taking the basic supplements that it recommends.

What amazed me is that when I went back to tell my doctor he looked at me like I was crazy and said he wouldn’t work with me any more if I continued using these supplements or dare try some of the alternative therapies in the guide!

I shook my head at him and realized I had been wasting my time with him all along. I’ve now been on the program for about 6 weeks now and I only keep improving.

Megan R, Kentucky USA

Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

"He helped explain things to me I didn’t understand and gave me way more help than my doctor ever did! Thanks Ryan!"

The Book was very good, it taught me a lot about cleansing, diet and a lot of other stuff I’d never heard of. The email support with Ryan was the best part!

He helped explain things to me I didn’t understand and gave me way more help than my doctor ever did! Thanks Ryan!

Abbie, Florida USA

Start Feeling Better TODAY! Order How to Cure Candida!

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