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So just what is Candida? Candida is a yeast-like fungus that lives on human skin. It can be found on the mouth, in the intestine and, for women, in the vagina. There are actually more than 150 species of Candida yeasts and of these ten cause trouble for humans. In the case of Candida Albicans, the balance between the yeast cells and the bacteria that kept their numbers in check is upset.


The yeast cells multiply quickly and aggressively, especially if the immune system is unable to step in and help the body.

A Candida infection or Candidiasis can occur on a variety of locations throughout the body. Remembering that Candida already lives on the skin and in the mouth, intestinal tract, and vagina, it will come as no surprise to you that these sites are the most common areas for localized (contained to one part of the body) Candida infections.


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"Unfortunately, when you have a yeast/fungal infection in a specific region of the body such as the vaginal/genital region, the overgrowth/infection will also be often present in other parts of the body as well. This is why a full & complete approach that deals with the entire body is crucial to full recovery!"


Under normal conditions, only a small number of Candida live in our intestine. Generally a healthy bowel will contain approximately 95% friendly bacteria and 15% pathogens (antagonistic bacteria), including Candida Albicans.

These friendly bacteria keep yeast and other pathogens in check. The term Candidiasis is used when an overgrowth of Candida Albicans has occurred and as a result the balance of helpful to harmful micro-organisms has shifted.


The Candida starts out as simple, relatively harmless single celled yeast. If left unchecked, it can become a nuisance, developing large colonies and contributing to a wide variety of health problems in both men and women.

Is There a Difference between Candida & Yeast Infections?

The Only difference is in the common understanding of the terms. When someone mentions a yeast infection, often the first connection made is a localized infection such as a genital/skin infection.


When someone mentions Candida however, often it implies a chronic condition in the body where-by a genital yeast infection for example would only be a mere symptom of the greater condition going on in the body. This is why focusing on the big picture is critical even if you only “think” you suffer from genital yeast infections.

When Candida Attacks!

If this “nuisance” condition is not controlled, the yeast can develop into a more stubborn organism, known as the mycelia fungal form of Candida. This form of Candida digs roots into your tissues and can cause a host of auto-immune like reactions in addition to many more serious problems and can be very challenging to overcome.


"When Candida has advanced to this degree, it can be referred to as “Chronic Candida” or even “Systemic Candidiasis” in severe cases where a great deal of Candida has entered the blood stream. The latter condition being life threatening."

In addition to Candida albicans, there is another common & potentially problematic yeast known as Candida Monilla. If you’ve heard of the vaginal yeast infection Drug Monistat, this is where the name came from.


This yeast gravitates to the vagina and contributes to Vaginitis. Whenever any yeast is able to overgrow in or on the body it’s often a sign that there are core problems going on that require immediate attention! A Drug however is never the solution and will often make problems much worse! 

Candida & the Immune Connection

Candida and the immune system are intimately linked. As a result of the toxicity, stress and malnutrition so prevalent in today’s society, immune system weakness is very common.


Candida often makes its home in those who suffer from immune system weaknesses. In turn Candida can tremendously stress the body and severely lower immunity, further worsening this cycle of illness!

So an individual with a weak immune system develops a Candida overgrowth, often because of the anti-biotics they likely were given to eliminate another infection! 

"Most importantly a body that is unable to regain immune balance can NEVER Cure Candida! This is a critical point and must be understood if you want to end suffering from Candida and chronic illness. This is central to our belief and why we stress immune support over any other therapy! Thankfully we’re able to offer the most powerful natural immune boosting and recovery therapies known to man! More on this will be explained later."

So, without a properly functioning immune system, we are vulnerable to a myriad of other health problems and diseases. Thus Candida problems often underlie other diseases and complicate their healing process.


(When dealing with a disease that may be accompanied or exacerbated by Candida overgrowth also known as a CRC or Candida-Related-Complex, the importance of choosing a health practitioner who understands Candidiasis cannot be overestimated).


So why focus on simply eliminating Candida, why not focus on what REALLY makes you sick?

If all this wasn’t enough when your defenses are down, Candida can further weaken you by robbing your body of nutrients and slowly poisoning you with toxic by-products.

Part of the reason it’s critical to reduce carbohydrate consumption when attempting to eliminate Candida is that Candida causes the fermentation of carbohydrates in the intestines, which results in the production of a volatile, toxic and dangerous gaseous compound called Acetaldehyde. The fermentation by the yeast also causes the production of a type of alcohol called ethanol.

These 2 by-products are constantly polluting the bloodstream and are directly responsible for a multitude of Candida-related symptoms. In fact it can be argued that virtually 85%+ of ALL Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety and Brain Fog experienced by an individual with Candida is caused by these 2 toxic compounds created by Candida in the body!

To Overcome a Candida Overgrowth a determined, multi-faceted healing approach is necessary that addresses not only the ongoing Candida overgrowth but getting to the core problem of why your immune system is weakened and correcting it!



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How Can Such a Little Yeast Cause Such a Big Problem?

There are several reasons for the challenges involved in successfully treating Candidiasis. This little fungi has a very strong “survival instinct” and is able to find ways to thrive at the expense of your health continually.


Once it has established large overgrown colonies in the body, it can increase its numbers every time it is given the slightest chance – when you eat a sugary dessert or drink a glass of wine, for example. This is again why even when you do everything else if you are still feeding the yeast it will never go away.

What’s more, Candida has the ability to advance into a fungal form, which can aggressively spread thorough the body, and attach itself to internal organs.


The most common of which are the liver, the digestive tract and the other mucus membranes such as the respiratory tract and sinuses. Candida will feed off the body much like a parasite by leaching nutrients and weakening tissues.

Hopefully this answered your question of “What is Candida?”. If you still want to know more I highly suggest you keep reading to learn about the Causes of Candida.


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