Ryan Shea
Suffering from numerous health problems from a young age. Ryan has experienced just about everything from Severe Allergies, Chronic Bronchitis, IBS, Adrenal Fatigue to contracting SARS experiencing severe physical injuries and chronic low level infections.

At the age of just 1 month old, Ryan began suffering from chronic ear infections. This would later translate into chronic sinusitis and hearing problems. The majority of Ryan's childhood was spent sick with common cold symptoms. His pronounced food allergies were only detected after many years of suffering immensely from severe wheat/dairy and sugar sensitivities to name a few.

As much of his life has been spent suffering endlessly from health problems, Ryan has developed a deep passion for helping out others who have experienced similar chronic and severe health problems.

Ryan is trained as a Nutritionist, Digestive Care Consultant and a Certified Personal Trainer. Although he claims the most important aspects of his knowledge he gained by researching all his health problems endlessly for years.

Ryan Shea has achieved Platinum status on Ezine Articles and is considered an Expert Author in his field.


Ryan Shea, NS, CPT, DCS



Dean Boukaras
Much like Ryan, Dean has suffered from just about anything you can think of. He suffered from endless ear infections which required ongoing visits to the hospital at a very young age. He has suffered from Severe Gastric Ulcers as well as experiencing severe acne.

His acne was so bad in fact that he was put onto multiple highly toxic anti-biotics at a young age. This caused severe liver damage to his body and further worsened his already ongoing struggle to maintain health. He has suffered significantly from problems of anxiety and depression.

Dean is a Nutritionist, Digestive Care Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer. Dean has also gained the most insight into healing the body through his own personal experiences.

Dean Boukaras has achieved Platinum status on Ezine Articles and is considered an Expert Author in his field.


Dean Boukaras, NS, CPT, DCS


Jessica Dale
Suffering from Severe Acne from the early age of 9 Jessica has had to deal with problems related to Depression for a great deal of her life as well, much of this she was able to manage between both nutritional supplementation and diet.

She began experiencing Chronic Fatigue at the age of 21 which lasted until about 4 months into what later became our 5 step protocol. She has also had an ongoing battle with vaginal yeast infections which ended just 3 weeks into the program and she swears she hasn’t experienced one since.

Jessica is a Certified Nutritionist with a passion to help anyone she can.

Jessica Dale has achieved Platinum status on Ezine Articles and is considered an Expert Author in her field.


Jessica Dale, NS




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Ryan Shea, Dean Boukaras, & Jessica Dale
Authors of "How to Cure Candida"

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The "How to Cure Candida Team"...

Ryan Shea, Dean Boukaras and Jessica Dale of "How to Cure Candida" not only suffered from Chronic Candidiasis for a number of years but numerous other health problems as well. They have studied alternative healing, holistic nutrition and orthomolecular therapy for over 19 years collectively and continue to learn and push the boundaries of natural healing every day. Unlike many other people who work in the natural health industry they have “first hand” experience in addition to years of education in the Natural Healing Arts.